Montgomery Ward

Scooter & Mini

Some of the Wards Scooters were manufactured by Hawk.

They also sold a "Supreme" which was similar to the De-Luxe but with a 7 hp Kohler engine.


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Wards by Cestad

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Wards by Gilson

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Wards by Gilson

Wards Wizard Automatic


Built by Simplex


 1956 Wards Service Manual

1956 Service Manual

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Owners Guide

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The Rocket


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1968 Wards Riverside 125cc


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Wards Buffalo, sold on eBay


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Wards Riverside


Wards Delux

Wards Delux at Iowa Classics 2012

Thanks to Dick DeBuse


1956 Wards Special

This is a late 1956 Montgomery Wards Special. You have an early 1956 model on your web site. The difference is the bar that goes from the forks down to the frame over the brake pedal. I have both the early and late models. I also have a Pony Cycle made by the same company, Hawk Tool in Clarkston, MI Just thought you would like to see it. I like your web site. Bill Anton


1952 Wards DeLux from

1952 Wards De-Lux built by Pony-Cycle



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