Trail Scooters


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1962 Trail Scooter Articles


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The Champ

Tri-Stan Mfg Co - 2228 McKinley - National City - CA


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Trail Scout


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1966 Catalog of Trail Bikes


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1962 Pak-Cycle ad



Katagote Katagote

Add a track to your Trail Bike.

Thanks to James Miles, Warsaw, NY


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Luther Trail Gote


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Luther Mountain Gote


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Trail Partner by Tredwell


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Baldwin Trail Cycle

Trail Cycle Mfg., Twin Falls, Idaho


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Power Pony


Terra Floater

Terra Floater

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Terra Cat

Terra Tandem



1966 Scoot-or-Ski

1966 Scoot-or-Ski

1966 Scoot-or-Ski

1966 Scoot-or-Ski 

Spreads-All Inc. Marshalltown, Iowa 50158

sold on eBay


Savage Bronco

Add a Ski to your Savage Bronco


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Ridge Runner Mailer

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Trail Ram   &   Trail Buck and specs

by Pacesetter


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Trail-Mate by Allied Leisure


Cestad "Buffalo" Cestad "Buffalo"

This scooter is a CESTAD (Central States Tool & Die) "Buffalo" 

made in Omaha, also sold thru Wards as their T777 trail scooter


Burro Burro

Burro Trail

Ground Hog

Ground Hog


Trapper Trapper Trapper

"Trapper" Mini Trail


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1964 Tuscan brochure


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Side Winder


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Polaris Trail Tractor 1963


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Hill-Billy Trail Scooter


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By Dick DeBuse

Sherpa Built in Utah

61/2 HP with Salsbury type clutch

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Sherpa Sherpa Sherpa Sherpa


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Sold on eBay


Stoffer Special Stoffer Special Stoffer Special

Jim Kilau of Jims Scooter Parts has one he bought in Portland, Ind., in 2008,

it is a, Stoffer Special, built in Michigan, Here's photo's of his scooter.

Thanks Kenneth Stopar SR.


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My son in law has an unusual off road scooter that we can't find any info on. Could you post it on the "What Is It" Page for us. Here are 3 pics. It has a 2 speed gear selection chain drive with a 5hp Briggs & Stratton. The Driver Pulley is a Comet Clutch # 20.
Tom Cade,


"The Find"

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On a local Craigslist there is a trail bike listed as a Tote Gote but the owner sent me a picture of a bike and said it was made by a company in Redmond, Oregon called Newhouse Manufacturing. I talked with an employee who had been there for over 20 years and he confirmed that the company did make about 100 units about 30+ years ago.  The one shown on your web has a two speed jack shaft that you make speed changes by selecting one of two different ratios and by removing one chain you get the desired gear ratio.  The bike for sale here in Oregon has a two speed gear box but all the rest of the frame parts like the front end and the unusual foot rest are the same.

Steve Durham   Portland, Oregon