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Powell factory

Powell factory


    Powell Challenger Trail 1967 Powell SAAPE kit 1971 Powell ad


Powell Challenger Trail Powell Challenger Trail 1970 Powell Challenger 1970 Powell Challenger 1970 Powell Challenger

1970 Powell Challenger Trail Bike


1970 Challenger 1971 Challenger ad


  Phantom 7 1972 Powell Trail bike 1968 Powell ad 1970 Powell news pow_158.jpeg (290222 bytes)


Challenger 100 Challenger 100  pow_094.jpeg (193098 bytes) pow_155.jpeg (227581 bytes)


Powell Phantom 7

Powell Phantom 7

By Dick DeBuse


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Powell Challenger Impression, Thanks to Don Edge

Please visit his site www.totegoteland.com


Striped Ass APE logo

Striped Ass APE logo




I have been working on a Powell project for aprox 2 years and would very much like to add this very important bike to your awesome collection of powell mini bikes. Here is a brief history of the powell in question. It was sold to Willie Garner of the Trans-Dapt corp. on 07-26-67 number 30 of  38 sold to willie would called it a SAAPE pit bike. There are only 2 that I know of to exist as of this email. Attached are a few photos of the before and after. Thank you for your time and consideration. 

Don Marsh aka bayareaburrito


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Doug Sandburgs Powell Challenger minibike. It has a Briggs 5hp but it puts out around 8-10hp. It used to burn alcohol and I was told it developed about 12+ hp. This bike really flies. It is a blast to ride.


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1969 Powell Challenger

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Don Nelson's

2 Powell Challenger mini-bikes,

one is variable speed the other is fixed speed


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Stan Evans's Powell Challenger

Stan Picked up this Scooter at a Police Auction for $9.00.

He started with the frame, forks, wheels, handle bars and seat bracket. He fabricated the seat, chain guard, clutch cover and kick stand. He added a 5 HP Brigs Engine and now has $70.00 invested. Not original but a nice ride. 


1970 Challenger

1970 Challenger

Jerry Perkins Challenger