PAK-JAK Trail Scooter

Paradise Motors, J. W. Black Jr.

Sacramento, California


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On eBay

By Dick DeBuse


Pak-Jak Pak-Jak Tote_Goat & Pak-Jak

Brad &Jennifer Cooper, Oregon


Pak-Jak Pak-Jak Pak-Jak

James Chutuk Newhall, Ca


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 I own J. W. Blacks` personal Pak-Jak that I bought from him 15 years ago and have restored it not as nice as mark but nice. It is a real head turner and I currently use it as a pit bike at the drag strips I race at. I grew up in Paradise and spent may days at JW`s shop as a kid. He was a super guy. The Pak-Jak was made for Baja exploring and was funded by the author Earle Stanley Gardner of the Perry Mason book fame. The Pak-Jak is well documented in Mr. Gardner's non fiction books about his explorations. Just go to for the titles.

Larry Lassiter, Pine Beach NJ


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Restored by

Mark, Pleasant Grove, Utah.


Pak-Jak Pak-Jak Pak-Jak Pak-Jak Pak-Jak

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By Dick DeBuse