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The Moto Kar was Manufactured by Moto Scoot in Chicago Il & is a 1939.  The Moto Kar is  missing the engine lights & clutch. Sure would appreciate any info on these Moto Kars. If you look real close at one of Moto Kar adds I am sending. You will see the engine pictured is a Lauson but the add description reads Briggs with a flywheel generator  for lights. The generator  used is made by Bendix for Lauson & Briggs.  Dave Bagne Hutchinson Minn


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This is the  Moto-Kar I had previously Listed with your site. Now restored with  a few improvements.  Those are the speedometer which is about 4 mph fast. The engine is a Lauson 1 1/2 hp with a  Mercury centrifugal  clutch. Engine is started with the lever on the right. Gas pedal is on the left right hand side when depressed over comes the governor via spring pressure. Instead of using a battery for the electrical .I  chose to use a Bendex ac generator which is common to Motorbikes & scooters in the late thirties up to the early fifties. It also powers a very loud horn taken from a Puch Moped. The speedometer is also lighted internally. The year is pretty hard to date as there  is not  much  known about the Moto-Kar as there is about the scooters they  built.  The Company  was located in Chicago. A fellow collector in Pa is in the process of finishing his adult version like the one I have listed. The badge you see I had reproduce from my original


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Moto-Kar owned by Marty McDonough


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Moto-Kar owned by Richard Lombardi


1939 Moto-Kar 1939 Moto-Kar

Jerry Perkins 1939 Moto-Kar


2 passenger Moto Kar

Rare 2 passenger Moto-Kar

Found on eBay

Thanks to Dick DeBuse