Trail King

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Hi John: You were looking for information on the Trail King, well here goes. These bikes were made in Leavenworth Washington by the Clayton B. Merry Co. Another product that they made were Roto-Tiller's and their model was called the "Merry Tiller"

Merry Tiller

I have attached some assorted pictures that I have received of them through the years. As always your web site looks GREAT!!! Sincerely, Don Edge

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I acquired this scooter at an estate auction. I have been unable to find a single website that lists Homelite ever having made a trail bike. Any info or links from watchers would be appreciated. It is a two seater. A small battery is under the seat. From the styling of the horn, we are guessing it is from the 50's, The yellow cone on the side is 36" tall. The bike is around 58" long

Thanks, Mark ?



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It swivels in the middle with the extra gas can mounted on the handle bar
Any help on this bike would be great
Tom ?