Tote Gote

Trail Scooters

Bonham Corp, Provo, Utah


 Tote Gote Tote Gote Tote Gote Sport

Tote Gote model 403 Tote Gote model 600 Tote Gote model 404


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1969 Tote Gote 1969 Tote Gote

1969 Tote Gote


Tote Gote Charger Tote Gote Charger Tote Gote Charger Tote Gote Charger

Tote Gote Charger


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Gote Trike Gote Trike Charger  

Tote Gote 3 wheeler's        Charger   

gote_059.jpg (168720 bytes) gote_060.jpg (167571 bytes) T-800

         T- 600                         T-800


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Model B

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Model B

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Model 403


Mini Gote Mini Gote

Mini Gote


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Tote Gote Collegiate


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Dune Gote

By Dick DeBuse


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1960 Tote Gote 600


Craig Perrys Tote Gote Craig Perrys Tote Gote Craig Perrys Tote Gote gote_001.jpg (73873 bytes)

A Couple of very early models of the Tote Gote.

 They must be from the first year of production 1958.

The red one I bought for $75.

I will be restoring it next. Craig Perry

Craig Perrys Tote Gote

John, I just got through restoring the red Gote, I have to put

  foot pegs on it, and screening around the back like the yellow one. Craig


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Sold on eBay


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I just purchased this Tote Gote. Plan on doing a full restoration.

Jay Gaard Cedar Falls, Iowa


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Here is the finished project.  Did not go original as you can see. The motor that was in it was the wrong one and it was beyond repair.  Put a new Briggs and Stratton 5.5 hp motor in it. went with a more updated front brake lever and throttle assembly. It was a fun project and it runs great. Just got the seat done last night and wrapped it up.  Hope you like it. Thanks, Jay Gaard