Gest Motor Scooter

Gest Motor Scooter Mfg. Co.

1608 Oxford Street

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


1946 Gest 1946 Gest Gest Motor Scooter gest_023.jpg (255491 bytes)

Note that the Gest Transporter was made by the same company.


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Thanks to Dick DeBuse




Jerry Perkins Gest

Jerry Perkins Gest


1948 Gest 1948 Gest

1948 Gest


  Gest Gest Gest

Gest Gest

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Gest Motor Scooter


Dick DeBuse ID'ed this as a Gest

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Hi, I bought this at a local auction because it looked interesting. I have had motorcycles but no scooters. I believe it is a Gest after looking at photos on your site and one on Scooter Doctors. There are some differences in that the front end has flat steel welded on the backside of the main fork for extra support and that the goose neck has been filled with flat steel. The welding on these is so clean I would say that this is original from factory. The handlebars I believe were added later as the welding on these is very amateur looking. The motor is a 1945 Lauson type 316-1 and looking at the mounting supports this also looks factory. It appears to be missing the following parts, seat support, seat, fenders and clutch assembly. Would you be able to help me find out more about this scooter or put me in touch with someone who has information on them? If you attend the Hershey Car Show in Oct I am only ten miles from Hershey and if you would like to look at it that would be fine.

Thanks Ken Myers


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Ron St Jean,  Windham, NH


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I have had this Gest Scooter for quite some time. I am thinking of selling it but I can't find any information online about it. Would you happen to have any knowledge?

Sara Sanborn


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This could be the same one Dick DeBuse found on eBay