Folding Scooters from USA & Offshore.


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Portacycle Brochure

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Di Blasi folding scooter


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Airscoot 1946

By Dick DeBuse


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1960's Grasshopper Suitcase "Fold-up" Olson & Rice motor. Mfg unknown.

For information on this scooter email Jerry Perkins 


The first folding scooter in the world. Claimed by Italjet  

First model with polyurethane covering Included in Museum of modern Art.

1969 Kit Kat 50cc Pack 50cc

1969 Kit Kat 50cc              1980 Pack 50cc

Both of these look a lot like the Indian Papoose and the Corgi from the 1940s


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1969 Kit Kat Gyromat


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 Corgi 1948 Corgi 1948 Corgi

CORGI 1942 - 1948  UK