Egley Scooter

F. C. Egley & Co., Inc. Sac City, Iowa


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1946 Egley was burned in Dave Bagne's garage fire.

I purchased and restored it.

For information on this scooter email Jerry Perkins 


Here is one rare scooter I bought from a private collector not for sure why I did the restoration. 1 out of 12 that are known to be made. I have talked with the Granddaughter of  Mr. Egley who manufactured these in Sac City Iowa. What is so unique about these scooters is the operation of the 2 speed. The 2 speed is operated by the left hand twist grip which moves the belt idlers up & down selecting  the speed you want through a shuttle system. Twist grip on the right is for the throttle & both hand levers are the brakes. One for the front & the rear one operates a brake band attached to the jackshaft. Lighting  is Make A Lite that where used on the bikes but also on some other motor scooters. I added these which are correct. Special thanks to Patricia R. the Granddaughter for sending me the F. C. EGLEY Co. INC add.

Dave Bagne


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I recently purchased this Egley scooter in Sac City, IA. Where can I get more information on the Egley? I know they were made in Sac City, but that is about it.

Thanks, Duane Henke


1946 Egley

1946 Egley