cush27.jpg (20171 bytes)

Need I say more


cush_066.jpg (54868 bytes)

1947 Cushman-Cushcar 

at the dezer collection in Las Vegas

for sale $30,000

By Bev & Jolly MacLean


aglide_010.jpg (166606 bytes)


aglide_011.jpg (88778 bytes)


aglide_012.jpg (114998 bytes)


aglide_013.jpg (107483 bytes)


aglide_014.jpg (110942 bytes)


Cushman Autoglide 1.5 Horse Power

For information on this scooter email Jerry Perkins 


1938 Auto Glide 1938 Auto Glide

1938 Auto-Glide


Road King

Bo Diddley - 

Have Guitar, Will Travel 

Road King

 cush_148.jpeg (137905 bytes)  

 Guy Madison 

on a 50 series


W. C. Fields Back of W. C. Fields photo aglide_009.jpg (157367 bytes)

W. C. Fields on a Auto-Glide


Cushman package car

Cushman Package Car

Publicity still from Just For You, 1953

Ethel Barrymore


Cushman Package Car Cushman Package Car

Cushman package car at Calif Cushman Club Anderson CA 2010


1945 Auto Glide Package Kar 1945 Auto Glide Package Kar

1945 Cushman Package Kar at the National Cushman Meet


cush_088.jpg (123034 bytes) cush_089.jpg (141699 bytes) cush_090.jpg (119195 bytes) cush_091.jpg (106406 bytes) cush_092.jpg (106646 bytes)

cush_093.jpg (113880 bytes) cush_094.jpg (110991 bytes) cush_095.jpg (105024 bytes) cush_096.jpg (96117 bytes) cush_097.jpg (107037 bytes)

cush_098.jpg (135524 bytes) cush_099.jpg (148510 bytes) cush_100.jpg (111032 bytes) cush_101.jpg (138748 bytes) cush_102.jpg (151060 bytes)

cush_103.jpg (147416 bytes) cush_104.jpg (163032 bytes) cush_105.jpg (163935 bytes) cush_106.jpg (148618 bytes) cush_108.jpg (133459 bytes)

cush_109.jpg (142764 bytes) cush_110.jpg (145108 bytes)

1955 Truckster, Sold on eBay


cush_111.jpg (198148 bytes) cush_112.jpg (166574 bytes) cush_113.jpg (151959 bytes)

cush_114.jpg (194072 bytes) cush_115.jpg (158991 bytes) cush_116.jpg (194088 bytes)

1944 Cushman 30 series. Sold on eBay


1937 Auto Glide

1937 Auto Glide

193 Cushman Auto Glide


 1938 Auto Glide

1939 Cushman Auto Glid with Karry Pak

1939 Auto Glide 

with Karry Pak


cush_050.jpg (70837 bytes) cush_051.jpg (65893 bytes)

at Dennis Carpenter's Museum Charlotte, NC 2009 


1940 Cushman model 12

1940 Model 12

cush_122.jpg (62940 bytes)

Shrine Eagle

cush_149.jpeg (156905 bytes)

50 series shapshot


cush_147.jpeg (94834 bytes)

Belgian Cushman trading card from Jacques Superchocolat 1951

by Dick DeBuse


cush_154.jpg (117069 bytes) cush_155.jpg (111327 bytes) cush_156.jpg (119617 bytes) cush_157.jpg (145468 bytes) cush_158.jpg (130723 bytes)

1945 Package Kar sold at Barret Jackson auction $10,500

Thanks to Don Dickey


cush08.jpg (23232 bytes)

1944 Airborne with Military Trailer


eagle002.jpg (38127 bytes)

Model 53A Airborne


1945 Airborne

1945 Airborne


Ron Dows Gold Eagle Ron Dows Gold Eagle Ron Dows Gold Eagle

Ron Dows Gold Eagle

For the man who has everything

cush_142.jpg (176055 bytes) cush_143.jpg (148666 bytes)


cush_144.jpg (165713 bytes) cush_145.jpg (175251 bytes) cush_146.jpg (143544 bytes)


Sold at Mecum Auction in Las Vegas, January 2015


eagle017.jpg (46534 bytes) eagle018.jpg (36942 bytes) eagle019.jpg (45709 bytes) 

eagle020.jpg (46741 bytes) eagle021.jpg (45406 bytes) eagle022.jpg (39874 bytes) eagle023.jpg (33595 bytes)

Here is a 1965 Cushman Silver Eagle Std. with 305 miles. I'm the second owner since new. Original owners who where local farmers  in this area bought it for there son. After riding it the  parents found out the Sons allergies got even worse. They simply parked it in the hay meow and left it there till  I came along. The owner bought it from his brother who owned the Cushman dealership in our town. The last words spoken to me from the owner was how much he loved that scooter. What I failed to tell him was then why did you leave a scooter you loved so much in the barn. All in all it looks worse than it really is. Dave Bagne Hutchinson, Minn.


48 model 52

A nice 1948 Cushman model 52 


1954 Cushman Eagle 1954 Cushman Eagle

Here's a before and after shot of my 1954 Cushman Eagle,

Purchased a couple of years ago in pretty bad shape. 

Needed a lot of welding and a complete engine and frame re-build. 

All work by myself other than chrome and upholstery.

Restored by George Stratton


cush49.jpg (22517 bytes) cush50.jpg (19811 bytes) cush51.jpg (23782 bytes) cush52.jpg (26046 bytes) 

cush53.jpg (27535 bytes) cush54.jpg (23738 bytes) cush55.jpg (20638 bytes)

1952 Road king W/Sidecar


eagle003.jpg (37488 bytes) eagle004.jpg (42369 bytes)

1952 Model 765 Eagle


1954 Eagle with sidecar


1957 Eagle

1959 Super Eagle


eagle013.jpg (39529 bytes) eagle012.jpg (29701 bytes)

1963 Silver Eagle


1950 Model 710 Series 61 Highlander


1953 711 Highlander

1955 715 Highlander

1957 Highlander


cush29.jpg (28314 bytes) cush32.jpg (26584 bytes) cush31.jpg (18111 bytes) cush30.jpg (24199 bytes)

1959 Highlander


Model 54


1954 Stake Bed Truckster 

cush47.jpg (27568 bytes)

 1945 Package Cart 


1947 Cushman model 52 & 1963 Super Silver Eagle. 1961 Cushman Highlander, 5hp Husky Allstate DeLuxe model 811.40

The first picture is my 1947 Cushman model 52.  Because it is a late '47, it has the barrel springs.  The engine is a 4hp two-piece block Husky.  Behind it, it you see my 1963 Cushman Super Silver Eagle.  It is Unrestored and very close to original.  The engine is the aluminum OMC 9hp. The yellow and charcoal 1961 Cushman Highlander has a 5hp Husky. The red scooter with the wind splitter on the fork is an Allstate DeLuxe model 811.40 with a 4hp Husky.  Cushman built this model which was sold by Sears and was never called a Cushman.  As far as I know, Cushman was the only American company that ever built Allstate scooters.  All other Allstates were from Europe.  I call my Allstate a 1953, but it was built from a '53 and a '54 combined. I have 12 scooters, but only seven are Cushman's. The rest are Japanese or Italian.

Howard Murrill  (CCOA 4333) Lenoir City, Tennessee